Friday, March 06, 2015

Men's Shed Anger

Mordialloc Chelsea Leader: Men's shed club needs a new shed

Somebody sort one out quick, it's bored men of a certain age wondering the streets that get things like UKIP started.

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Car crash anger

Bolton News: Car crashes into safety campaigner's wall

The concept of "I told you so", in one easy photo

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Station parking anger

Bexley News Shopper: Hike in station parking charges will make my commute to central London 'extremely difficult'

...says woman from behind the wheel of her Mercedes.

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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Lazy dog owners anger

Knox Leader: Home-made signs shame dog owners

I've been doing this long enough to know that a headline with the words "home-made sign" is going to be angry people gold with a side order of smug. And so it proves.

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Dumped rubbish anger

Bolton News: Everything but the kitchen sink dumped in back alley

Look harder, there's probably a kitchen sink near the bottom

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Double buggy anger

Reading Post: Huge gate means dad can't get double buggy down canal towpath

Click through - he's got a point.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

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Pub closure anger, along with my half-arsed political theory

Cambridge News: MP joins protest against pub closure

And here's my half-arsed theory on why pubs are important:

Pubs are closing at an alarming rate. Every time a pub closes, pub bores are suddenly cast out onto the streets with nowhere else to go.

Without unsuspecting pub patrons to bore to tears with their ideas on how Britain is being run into the ground (usually starting with the words "I'm not racist, but..."), they instead club together with other former pub bores and start organising themselves. This organisation has taken the name "UKIP". The rise of this party can be charted directly against the decline of the British public house.

Therefore, it is our patriotic duty to stop the closure of British pubs and ensure that these people are kept safe in their proper surroundings: Slightly drunk and away from positions of power in the saloon bar of their local.

Save the British pub, and you save Britain.

Spotter's Badge: Kate

Sports club robbery anger

Cranbourne Leader: Bloke annoyed after thieves take AU$3,000 of sports equipment


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Smart Meter Anger

Melbourne Herald Sun: Woman claims house's smart meter made her ill

I'm no doctor, but no, it didn't.

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Potholed road anger

Brentwood Gazette: Potholed road is like the surface of the moon

Ironically, NASA chose that exact part of Essex to fake the moon landings.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Closed park anger

Stottington Leader: Dog walkers annoyed after park is closed due to bulding work next door

Second from left is about to spontaneously combust

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Pavement anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Local street DESTROYED by theft of paving slabs

You are Professor Brian Cox and I claim my five pounds

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Smashed car anger

Essex Chronicle: Council gritter wrecked my Merc, says councillor

It'll buff out.

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Monday, March 02, 2015

Bus driver toilet anger Cafe owner sick of cleaning toilets after bus drivers

Do bus drivers have worse personal habits than the rest of humanity? We need to be told.

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