Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mr Paparazzi not-quite-sure-where-to-put-this-story sadness

Geelong Advertiser: The infamous Mr Paparazzi has given up chasing drunken celebrities out of night clubs, and has gone back to Australia and become a mayor. But there's something missing from his life, and it's his number one lady who had to go back to England to look after her mum. Look. Look at his sad face.

You know, I almost feel sad for the scruffy bugger.

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Dangerous lamp posts anger

Essex Echo: Canvey councillors want 'dangerous' disused lamp posts removed

I've been to Canvey, and those posts covered in yellow tape are what passes for a tourist attraction there.

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Electric car anger

Hull Daily Mail: Council install railings, stopping man from charging his electric car

...using the charger for which he has no planning permission. THE WAR HAS BEGUN.

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Poppy Appeal theft anger

Bolton News: Scumbag steals school's Poppy Appeal money

Crucifying the crims is the only way to bring the smile back to these kids' faces. Nail 'em up.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Broken street lights anger

Huddersfield Examiner: Street lights not working in Fartown

Fartown? FART TOWN more like.

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Wildlife reserve fly-tipping anger

Essex Echo: Residents upset at constant vandalism and fly-tipping at nature reserve

Judging by the photo, this man is at least eight feet tall.

No to houses anger

Hull Daily Mail: Locals come down against houses

Strong opinions. Living in a field is the way ahead.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kiddiewinks' bike theft anger

Greenock Telegraph: Thieves lock man in house with his own keys, then steal bikes worth £5,000 from his shed

He's now living in the shed.

Carphone Warehouse anger

Eastern Daily Press: Customer in dispute over phone that doesn't work in his home town

Let's see how angry he really is...

Arms crossed, glare over the glasses angry, that's how angry.

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Wheelie bin protest anger

Bournemouth Echo: Residents leave wheelies bins in the street to stop insurance company workers from parking in their street

One their/there mistake in the comments and it all goes off. The page is so long, the bottom of it is three miles below ground.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Face mask anger

Ely Standard: Couple told to wear face masks to prevent poisoning from nearby fire, despite ample evidence that nothing in the surrounding area has actually dropped dead yet

Won't anyone think of the poor, poor ponies?

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Pet food theft anger

Liverpool Echo: "They even took the CCTV camera," says pet food shop owner after robbery

If you're offered cheap pet food and a CCTV camera in a pub, that number again: 999

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Useless bus pass anger

Oxford Mail: Woman, 91, says her bus pass now useless after cuts to services

Great picture, sad story, usual bunch of arses in comments

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Local development anger

Hastings Observer: Residents not entirely pleased about new development

I get the feeling theiy might be overacting here

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Tree vandalism anger

Oxford Mail: Yobs destroy remembrance tree

Stick it up their arse. You have my full permission.

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