Friday, July 29, 2016

Oh look it's you again anger

Plymouth Herald: Man who once appeared on Too Fat To Work (amongst many other things) campaigns against new branch of KFC

He's going to chain himself to a fence. Good luck with that.

Spotter's Badge: Nikki

Even more seagull attack anger

Worcester News: Kill them! KILL THEM ALL!! says victim of seagull attack

You're free to say that, of course, but now the seagulls know who you are and where you live.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Not really all that angry over theft anger

Northern Echo: Thief makes off with bottle of rum laced with laxatives

Jeremy Corbyn - centre - taking a great deal of satisfaction in this.

Spotter: Joss

Stop stealing my mobility scooter anger

Bournemouth Echo: Man is robbed of his mobility scooter for the second time this year, and would quite like people to stop

The folded arms of disgruntlement

Spotter's Badge: Ben

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Rubbish play areas anger

Eastern Daily Press: Mayor of Cromer concerned about sad state of town's playgrounds

The mayor of Cromer looks like he's 14 years old.

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Please don't take our porn studio away anger

Bristol Post: Residents don't want former porn studio turned into flats

With the UK scud film industry on its knees and Brexit only going to make matters worse, we salute these people and their campaign

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Split rubbish sack anger

Falmouth Packet: Woman's war on rubbish bags split by seagulls

Or the council could make a switch to "bins" which are known to be popular in other parts of the country.

Wrong kind of yellow anger

Welwyn and Hatfield Times: Three attempts to get the right shade of yellow for yellow lines

You would have expected a local council to have a plentiful supply.

And he's a busy man, is Councillor Cowan

Welwyn and Hatfield Times: Road sign still not fixed after three months

You don't want to go to Hatfield, anyway.

Spotter's Badge: Joshua, Renee

Monday, July 25, 2016

Squishy wedding cake anger

North Wales Daily Post: Couple's big day 'ruined' by saggy wedding cake

You might have your opinion on this, but that is a very saggy wedding cake.

Spotter's Badge: Suzanne

Cut the sodding grass anger - An Angry People Special

Councils can't afford to cut the grass these days because of THATCHER. However, a lot of people think they should cut the grass and close libraries instead.

Lancashire Telegraph: Cut the sodding grass

Wolverhampton Express and Star: Cut the sodding grass

Of course, the moment the council DO cut the grass, somebody still complains...

Manchester Evening News: You cut the grass, now look at the sodding state of it

Spotter's Badge: Karen, Gordy, Alex, Alexis

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sweary toy anger

Shropshire Star: Mum's fury at the word 'shit' on children's toy

Fury over "shit"? What is this world coming to? I was expecting an F___ at the very least.

Spotter's Badge: James, Matthew

School eyebrows anger

Portsmouth News: Mum takes daughter, 11, out of school in row over eye make-up

Anguished quotes, sad looks to camera. All over eyebrows. Good thing there's nothing important happening in the world.

Spotter's Badge: Andy, Jon, John

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Think of the hamsters anger

Bexley News Shopper: Falling glass could have killed my hamsters TO DEEEEEATH

It didn't.

Spotter's Badge: Neil, Richard, Ian

Pointing at rubbish anger

Craven Herald: Councillor helpfully points at tonnes of building waste dumped in road

Seriously, asbestos, these people are scum.

Spotter's Badge: Karen

Friday, July 22, 2016

Empty paddling pool anger

Nottingham Post: Why is this popular paddling pool closed? What about the poor, tearful kiddiewinks?

It's got a hole in it. Next question.

Spotter's Badge: Hazel